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May 11:  Continuing the Critical Conversations about DEI from 2:00 – 3:00 pm
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May 19:  From 2 to 3 pm, Review, Monitoring and Closeout of Awards

Fiscal Year End Dates To Be Included in FY21 Business:

June 15:  Non-Catalog Requisitions need to be submitted.

June 20:  Last date for P-Card and T&H Transactions. 

June 29:  Expense reports must be fully approved by 5 PM. CyBUY Orders for in stock items need to be completed by this date. 

June 30:  PO’s must be issued, received, invoiced, approved, and paid and PCV’s for CyBUY orders approved.


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Eric Mulder was quoted on the article about COVID testing “Several students were getting tested before heading home, and knowing our team helped make that possible was a very rewarding feeling,” Mulder said. “And getting to see the testing process firsthand has given me the utmost respect for health care workers everywhere.”  Full Article HERE

ISD staff helped out with the COVID testing at the Hilton Test Site November 2020. Click HERE for Article







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