Financials FAQ

The FAQs below provide additional direction on use of the COVID-19 Departmental Detail. These will be posted to the COVID-19 Iowa State website. Continue to check the website links as questions and answers continue to evolve.


Should cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment (PPE) be charged to the COVID Department Detail? 

If there is a clear business purpose, the department should indicate it is COVID‐19 related and the purchase is outside of the department’s routine orders. The department should charge to its own program/project/gift or grant and then apply the Department Detail DD11790.

What if departments need to purchase web cams, tripods, hotspots, and other equipment necessary for going 100% online with instruction or working virtually?   

Items that departments would not typically purchase, that are needed for online instruction or working virtually, should be tracked with the COVID-19 Department Detail DD11790.

If a department allows university equipment to be taken to a personal residence, that equipment must be carefully tracked by the department. The equipment must only be used for business purposes. Personal use of the university’s equipment must be limited to incidental use. Once the employee returns to the primary workplace, the university equipment must also be returned the primary workplace. If the equipment is not returned, this may result in a taxable event for the employee.

How should we handle expenses linked to travel cancellations or travel change fees?

Cancellation costs and travel change fees as well as refunds and credits directly related to COVID-19 should be tracked with the COVID-19 Department Detail. Please refer to the Procurement and travel information FAQ page for additional travel-related questions.

What about items that were purchased for a cancelled event, for example a conference presentation?

Expenses and credits/refunds received that are associated with cancellations directly related to COVID-19 should be tracked with the COVID-19 department detail.   

If ISU hosted/sponsored‐events are cancelled due to COVID‐19 and the department is issuing registration refunds, should the refunds be tracked with the COVID-19 Department detail?

No, ISU issued refunds should use the department funding source, not the COVID-19 DD. Additional information for tracking lost revenues is being developed and will be coming soon.

Should departments move costs that were charged to a departmental funding source and incurred prior to the creation of the COVID-19 DD?  

If the expenses incurred are directly related to the COVID-19 response, they should be tracked with the  COVID-19 DD. This is true for credits/refunds received by a department as well.

Should departments charge overtime hours to the COVID-19 Departmental Detail?

Overtime hours directly related to COVID-19 response should be tracked within the department, but not charged to the COVID-19 DD at this time. Additional information and tools for overtime tracking are being finalized and will be coming soon.

Will time spent regarding COVID-19 have to be tracked?

Certain time will be tracked.  Additional information and tools for tracking time are being finalized and will be coming soon.

Are there central approvals needed before donations made?  How should donations made by ISU units (e.g., PPE, equipment, other COVID-19 related supplies) to internal or external units be recorded or handled?

Prior to donating or accepting any donations of these items, please contact Paul Richmond at or 294-9698. 

What do I do if I have lost revenue as a result of COVID-19?

Additional information for tracking lost revenue is being developed and will be coming soon.