Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct

The Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct makes each member of the university community responsible for bringing suspected violations of applicable law, university policies and government contracts to the attention of appropriate offices. University policy provides guidance on which office is appropriate for receiving reports of suspected violations.

Employee Recognition Programs

Employee achievements are recognized by university awards (all staff) and the performance pay program (professional and scientific staff). Descriptions and nomination forms are available online.

ISU Compliance and Ethics Hotline

Iowa State provides a compliance and ethics hotline (515-294-7119) for employees, students, and constituents to report issues, in good faith, regarding compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. The hotline does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods. The university strongly encourages staff and other members of the ISU community to report concerns of misconduct directly through normal lines of communication.

The hotline allows anyone to report issues anonymously if they wish to do so. The issues reported will be reviewed by the appropriate officials to determine if further investigation and actions are warranted.