Who We Are

Organizational chart (PDF)


Central office

Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance, Pam Cain (interim)

Senior adviser, Ellen Rasmussen

Budget assistant, Pat Strah

Executive assistant, Lauren Schalinske

Office manager, Temp.- Valerie Arnold

515 Morrill Road
1350 Beardshear Hall
Ames, IA 50011

515-294-6162 phone



Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management, Paul Fuligni

Associate Vice President for Central Finance & Treasurer, Joan Piscitello

Associate Vice President for Finance and Support Services, Heather Paris

Finance Managers, Karen Cline, Jenni Winter

  • Division communications, training, and diversity and inclusion support services
  • Division marketing and development
  • Improved Service Delivery finance support and customer service

Associate Vice President for Institutional Financial Strategy, Bonnie Whalen

  • Institutional budget management team
  • Budget model
  • Institutional financial analyses

Associate Vice President for Public Safety, Chief of Police, Michael Newton

Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety, David Inyang

Assistant Vice President for Payroll, Benefits and Tax, Tim Ashley (interim)

Assistant Vice President for Specialty Business Services and Cultural Arts, Duane Reeves

Pam Cain
Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance (interim)